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Game Description

Let none tear asunder what the Seven has bound…Beyond the remembrance of sages was an age of swords and sorcery. In those times past, the land of Aega was blessed with wealth, and cursed with clans who battled over it. Despairing at the ceaseless quarrel, the Seven channeled all their magic into a binding spell, trapping every living creature of Aega in a deck of cards. And peace reigned over the land… for a time.
Chains of Durandal is a card duel set TCG in a grand world of high fantasy, with a cast of characters linked by ancient enmities and powerful destinies. The player is an Evoker who must wield the card deck, selecting and upgrading from hundreds of cards.

Our work

Among other Art houses and freelancers, GamecoStudios was the biggest cards provider for this project with more than a hundred card achieved with an incredible level of quality and polishing.

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