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Premium Art outsourcing Studio

GamecoStudios is an Art outsourcing studio, based in Paris, France. We are proud providers of premium quality digital Art for the entertainment industry, with a broad range of services including concept Art, illustration, 3D modeling , animation, trailers and Full motion videos.

Strong track record

Founded in 2003, Gameco works with a wide array of  international companies in video games, movies and music videoclips. With hundred of projects achieved successfully, GamecoStudios quickly became the largest art outsourcing partner in France.

Founded by veterans of the game industry

GamecoStudios was founded by Nicolas Bonvalet and Regis Carlier, two veterans with a combined 40 years of experience in the video game industry. With a strong ethic, both with their Clients and Artists, Gameco became a partner of choice for many.

Experienced team of Artists

With hundreds of first class international Concept and 3D Artists, Animators and Directors, GamecoStudios can handle any size, and any style of outsourced projects within the schedule, with great quality and fair price.

Best prices-quality value

Thanks to our flexible organization, our overheads are kept to the strict minimum, thus we can offer one of the best quality-price ratio on the market.

Unvaluable expertise

With our founders 40+ years of cumulated digital Art expertise, even the biggest publishers, like DeNA in Japan, ask us for Art consulting missions.

Skilled Art team

GamecoStudios team is choosen among the best international veterans Artists. with us, you are sure to have the best individual or team you could possibly have.


Clear Communication

The key to a successful outsourcing mission is communication ! With our always reactive replies, as well as various production management tools, you are sure that we are always on track with your project.

GamecoStudios executive team

Nicolas Bonvalet and Regis Carlier, are the founders and sole owners of GamecoStudios. With more of 2 decades of close collaboration, Nicolas and Regis manage the company and the projects, build the teams, communicate with the clients with the best possible complementarity for the most efficient result.

Regis Carlier

Regis Carlier

Managing Director

GamecoStudios Co-Founder, and Managing Director, Régis Carlier has a strong background in Video Game projects management since 1994. After working on AAA projects as 3D artist, Producer, Production or Art Director, Regis created GamecoStudios with his long time friend Nicolas.

Nicolas Bonvalet

Nicolas Bonvalet

Production Director

Co-Founder of GamecoStudios, 24 years of experience and counting in digital imagery in various fields as Architecture, Videogames, Communication and Broadcast.

Nicolas daily challenge is to answer any client email within the next minute.

GamecoStudios production Team

Over the last 12 years, GamecoStudios built an incredible network of experienced Artists in any field of graphic creation for video games, broadcast and movies. For each production, GamecoStudios build a tailored team to fill each role with the best specialist.

Art Directors

We have experienced Art Director for any project graphic style : Cartoon or realistic, sci-fi modern or fantasy.


GamecoStudios Directors team can handle any kind of Teaser/trailers, Full motion videos, animated series, Music video clip or Credits.

Concept Artists

AAA portfolio of concept Artists team from all over the world. We can handle any style and any size of concept art project.

3D Artists

Our 3D Artists team are proficient with most production pipelines, 3D tools and middleware. We have specialists for characters, environments and props.


Our Illustrator Team is one of the more prolific team for trading card games or marketing illustrations with thousands of artworks already done.



For your ingame animations, FMV, or even motion capture needs, we have some 3D Animators to fit your needs.

UI Artists

GamecoStudios has specialists in UI Design and Art. both for games, tools, set up boxes, or even military applications.

Sound designers

Over the years GamecoStudios partnered with chosen sound designers and musicians to propose a complete offer.

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